Tell A Story Like Never Before 


What is VR-chitect®? 
VR-chitect® is new, cutting-edge software that changes the way we look at real estate – it can sell a story like never before. Developed in Scotland, this patent-pending technology will enhance architectural models by creating a truly immersive experience.

Why Use VR-chitect®?

It is so much more than just a promotional video - VR-chitect® will revolutionize the way they will interact with their clients. VR-chitect® uses drone video footage and architectural models to create a ‘virtual reality’. This method works wonders for properties in the design stage or in construction. VR will be a groundbreaking tool for real estate agents, architects, and developers as they will be able to show unfinished projects like never before. 

The interactive experience allows you to do a virtual walk-through of the entire property at your own pace, including the landscaping and points of interest around the property. This also includes aerial views so you get a better understanding of what the property will look like next to other houses in the neighborhood. You are also able to view the property at different times of the day and different times of the year. This is especially useful to see shadowing and differing lighting conditions.


Interactive Virtual Visits

Most of the population have heard, but yet to actually try out VR, the effect will be mind-blowing. This experience is interactive – it is like a video game. Virtual reality is a flexible technology with far-reaching utility and real estate is only one avenue to showcase the potential of VR and the effect it will have on our future.

What you need:

  • VR compatible PC

  • HTC Vive headset 

  • Architectural models of Property


We do the rest!

It will be extremely effective for international buyers/sellers who cannot physically be there in person to tour properties. It will also be equally beneficial for buyers and contractors looking to flip properties.  A run-down home that needs a lot of work, or a gut renovation, can suddenly be shown in a more positive, post-remodel light.



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